Travel off season helps save your money/ PH: Global Railway Review

How to save money when you travel?

It is always exciting to have new experiences in life by travelling. Spend your vacation somewhere else is the best way to escape your current hectic lifestyle. It helps maintain the work-life balance, also offers you a chance to explore new places, new countries. However, not many people have enough budget for it, therefore, to be able to travel yearly, they need to have a careful saving plan. Also, you should know that even when you have enough money for your travel, you can still save money. This article will provide some tips for saving money on travel.

How to save money when you travel? 

It is not too difficult if you put some effort to plan on it. You can also learn some tips as below:

Travel off season 

This requires you to time your travel strategically. The best way to save money is that you plan your trip when others aren’t travelling. The reason is that when you travel off season, you can get cheaper prices on everything, including airfare, hotel fees, etc… It is also easier for you to get access to tourist attractions since there are not many travellers around. The best time can be during the school year when families won’t be willing to travel. 

Travel off season helps save your money/ PH: Global Railway Review

Search information in incognito mode 

Today, we are so familiar with booking online. We can’t deny that it is very convenient, however, you need to make sure that the industry doesn’t take advantage of you. For example, when you search for information on a particular destination a lot, the algorithms of advertisers will record the place you are interested in and up the prices. Therefore, it is better for you to be invisible online when you are doing travel bookings. 

Be careful when you book anything

It is said that you could save money when you book your airfare on a weekend That can be explained by the fact that most travel agents work during the week, so if you book on a weekend, there is a chance that you’re not a business traveler. Also, saving money on airfare is a good way, however, don’t let the budget airfares trick you with their cheap prices. Their tickets usually have many restrictions, for example, they don’t let you choose your seats or change any information. So you need to be careful.

Save on your luggage

You can save money for check luggage by packing on carry-on bags. To get more space, you might need to roll clothes, or choose between your two favourite shirts. If you forget something, you can always go shopping to have more experience.

Save on car rental 

If you have a driver’s license and you travel in a group, you can rent a car to help save the cost. There are some websites such as that allow you to search for information on car rental with decent prices. So look them up!

Save money on car rental/ PH: New York Post

Save on accommodations

Hotel fee can be a big amount of your budget, especially when you travel to big cities like Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Sydney…There are many websites available for accommodation booking that allow you to compare prices between hotels and book online without cancellation fee. So take advantage of them to save your money when you travel.

Save on tours

For travellers who are adventurous, they want to explore a new place on their own. However, booking a tour is not a bad idea if you want to save money and still have fun. For example, you can book a tour online with fairly cheap price with Baltic Tours, you might need to tip for your tour guide, but that is not too much.

Where to get deals to save money when you travel? 

As we all know, it is convenient to search for information for your travel on the internet and book them in advance to save money. You might have done a lot of bookings online and know the advantages of it, here is a list of websites that offer discounts or hot deals that we recommend:


Save on accommodation with PH: is one of the most popular websites where you can book your accommodation online. This website is free to sign up and also offered in over 40 languages. Additionally, offers you many options as it has more than 950,000 participating properties with detail prices and locations along with facilities. All you need to do is to fill in your destination on the site, and after a few seconds, there will be a list of available accommodations for your bookings and reviews. With, you can easily cancel your booking if you change your mind or you can’t travel as planned. It always offers discounts so you can save a fairly big amount of money with it.

#2: Cheapbestfares

Save on airfare with cheapbestfares
Save on airfare with cheapbestfares

With Cheapbestfares, you can easily find cheap tickets and special discounts on airline tickets to your preferred destinations. All you need to do is fill in point of departure, your destination, choose between one way and round trip, depart and return dates, then you will see a list of cheap tickets from different airlines with discounts if they are available. A trick for you is that you can book your flights long before your departure date to get cheaper prices or better discounts to save money for your travel.

These websites help you save money with their discounts. You can go straight to the sites for your bookings, or you can save even more money if you book through This is the website where you can find all the discounts and hot deals that available on every online booking sites, not only about travel, but also other categories such as clothing and apparel, computer and electronics, financial services…Booking with, you can get cash back. This is how it works:

Step 1: Browse

Visit the websites, look for the best deals and coupons through their store categories.

Step 2: Shop

Login to portal and shop as usual.

Step 3: Earn

Cashback added automatically to your account when you finish your booking.

Step 4: Withdraw

Redeem your cashback earning and you get some money for your travel!

With these tips for saving money on travel, we hope you have a better plan for your next vacation and enjoy them more!

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